quinta-feira, 31 de Julho de 2014

I need a Retro Bikini

I need a Retro Bikini

I am almost on vacation ( finally :)....and now it´s my time to go to the beach.
I realized that I need a retro bikini this year to have a glamorous style on the sand. 
Hope you like my choices! Have a nice summer!!

Topshop thong bikini

Topshop bikini swimwear

Dolce Gabbana white bikini

Charlotte Russe halter top

Red hat

Toms sunglasses

sábado, 28 de Junho de 2014

Pink lady

 Hello!! I am back again.
 I´ve been too busy and I didn´t had time to my blog. Today I am wearing a pleated skirt that I found in Pinkie store. I love it because it has a great shape, and I feel elegant and charming. 
Hope you like it too.

xoxo, Joana

domingo, 27 de Abril de 2014


Hello...I love my little striped skirt. It makes me feel like a doll :) Black-and-white stripes look amazing with denim but also with many other colors, so I am excited to wear it again on another outfits. 

Olá.....Eu adoro a minha pequena saia de riscas. Faz-me sentir como uma boneca :) As riscas preto e branco ficam fantásticas com camisas de ganga, mas também combinam com muitas outras cores, por isso estou ansiosa por usar outra vez a saia noutros looks.

xoxo, Joana

quinta-feira, 3 de Abril de 2014

African Prints ZARA 2014

The new Spring collection of Zara is simply fantastic, because of the variety of colors, textures and patterns. But what caught my attention in this collection was the presence of African prints. 
It has some time that traditional African clothing has been a presence in fashion, but the fact is that it is still very difficult to access this type of clothing in stores, so you need to buy the fabric and ask some seamstress to make the clothes you want. So I love the fact that now I can buy these pieces at Zara. I especially like the combination of these patterns with smooth, minimalist pieces.


A nova colecção de Primavera da Zara é simplesmente fantástica, pela variedade de cores, texturas e padrões. Mas o que mais me chamou a atenção nesta colecção foi a presença de padrões africanos. 
Há muito que a roupa tradicional africana tem vindo a marcar presença na moda, mas o facto é que ainda é muito difícil ter acesso a este tipo de roupa nas lojas, e é preciso comprar o tradicional pano e mandar fazer alguma peça numa costureira. Por isso adoro o facto de poder comprar estas peças na Zara. Gosto principalmente da combinação destes padrões com peças lisas e minimalistas.

photos from www.zara.com

xoxo, Joana

domingo, 30 de Março de 2014

Midi Skirt

Today I'm wearing a pink midi skirt. I was searching for a full midi skirt for a long time, but I didn't find one that actually fits me, so I sewed my own skirt, and I love it. It makes me feel so glamorous!! I thought that a midi skirt wouldn´t be great on me because I am a short girl, but with this heels I think it actually makes me taller. 

Hope you like it!!

pink midi skirt - handmade by me
navy shirt - H&M
nude heels - Zara
blue bag - vintage found on mother´s closet

xoxo, Joana

quinta-feira, 27 de Março de 2014

Mrs Carter in Portugal

Last night Beyonce was in Lisbon for an amazing concert. And this time I was there! My seats were too far from the stage, and I couldn´t see her very well, but.....anyway...I was there so I danced, jumped, screamed, sang, clapped, cried like a crazy.....and I had a lot of fun.

She is definitely a Diva. Her voice and her power is incredible. I wish she had sung my favourite songs "If I were a boy" an "Listen". But her new songs like "Flawless" and "XO" really rocked on stage.

I loved every single outfits, especially the first one (Tom Ford dress) and the Tartan look.

She really got something....and it isn't just about her beauty and her voice.......she is an inspiration for all the women who work hard to be respected in this men´s world.

"Because I am a female, I am expected to aspire to marriage,I am expected to make my choices always keeping in mind that marriage is the most important. Marriage can be... a source of joy and love and mutual support. But why do we teach girls to aspire to marriage and we don't teach boys the same?"

Next time I´ll be there again!!

segunda-feira, 17 de Março de 2014

Animal print

I never get tired of animal print...it´s a classic print. 
Today I´m wearing a pencil skirt with a black  blouse and nude sandals, just to go out for a walk....but I actually wear it to go to office ( with another shoes ). 

Hope you like it!!

Look....my cat is always messing around...seems it like to be in the picture.

xx, Joana

terça-feira, 4 de Março de 2014

It's my birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. I can't believe I am 30 years old now. I thought I would feel different ...but I am still feeling like I´m a little girl. 

Remember my wishlist from the previous post? It´s all about pink, nude and a classic romantic style. I bought these nude heels on Zara and the pink blouse on Primark, and I am wearing it with a lace skirt. Now that I am thirty I don´t wanna be to much girly but I want to stay feminine.

So, I am very happy ....because of my birthday.....because spring is comming....and because I won a ticket to Beyoncé´s concert as a birthday gift.....Yeahhhh...Í´m going to Mrs Carter Show World Tour 2014.!!!!!

And because it´s Carnaval.....

Have a nice day :)

xoxo, Joana
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